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Born into a puddle of whiskey beneath a stark winter moon and raised by cold winds, schooled in the warming spirits and hungry for more, Whiskey Moon Face manage a natural, graceful sound built from many ports.

Always innovating and improvising with stark originality, Louisa Jones' troupe of underground musicians play with a virtuosity you could never expect. Songs which speak of the unspeakable, with understated humour, captivating storytelling and a trancendent spirituality.


The Band


Louisa Jones - Vocals, accordion, double bass, cornet and piano


Ewan Bleach - Clarinet, saxophone and piano

Jim Ydstie - Vocals, double bass, accordion and piano

Special Guests

Over the years Whiskey Moon Face have played and recorded with...

Sam Bailey (Banjo and vocals)

Mirabelle Gilis (violin)

Alastair Caplin (Violin)

John Blease (Drums)

Alice Cade (Flat Feet and Whistle)

Sky Murphy (Trombone)

Anton Wunderlich aka Maxim Tartakovsky (Trombone and Guitar)

William Scott (clarinet and saxophone)

John Kelly (Guitar)

Magic Mike Henry (Trumpet)

Charlie Wheatley (guitar)

Recording Studios

Shock and Awe Studios

(with Stevan Krakovic and Rory Carlile)

Porupine Studios

(with Nick Taylor)

Porcupine Studios 

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